Clash | Freedom in a Flash

0.9.7b-rev9 (2009 July 9)


Mj Mendoza IV, Pascal Naidon, Patrick Corrieri

License: GPL

This is attempt fork of Pencil (SVN r54). Since the main developer is mostly busy, I have implemented some of my wishlist on my own.

I am not an official Pencil developer so I cannot officially release this update and call it Pencil. I am naming this fork Clash for whatever obvious reasons.

To whoever would like to join me develop this fork and make it closer to Adobe Flash IDE, you are welcome to contact me.


Discuss just about anything regarding Clash (Bug reports, Help, Development Plan)

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Clash Downloads


Ming library

- used for exporting SWF file


- used for C7Z file compression


- used for exporting AVI/OGV files

Sample SWFs


  1. Why this project?
  2. Where can I write my ActionScript?
  3. Who is Mj Mendoza IV?
  4. Who are Pascal Naidon and Patrick Corrieri?
  5. How is Geesas (GPL SWF Authoring Software) related to this project?
  6. Is this project even legal?
  7. Is this project using any tools from Adobe (compiler, etc)?
  8. Why don't you use the Open Source Flex SDK?
  9. Ming can't even write a Flash 9/10 SWF, why use it? Gnash can't even read a Flash 9/10 SWF, why use it?
  10. How can I help?