KonsolScript’s first mini-movie project

Just wanted to share the mini-video we did for 2 weeks.

I’m actually happy to make use of KonsolScript with the scenes involving close-up shots of Tony Stark and compositing pre-rendered Ironman against a background image.

Blender was used to animate a 3D Ironman, and have it rendered on a sequence of 1920×1080 PNG files.

Audacity was used for dubbing.

GIMP was used in an attempt to match the background with the pre-rendered Ironman.

Finally, FFMPEG was used to create an HD AVI from the sequence of PNGs.

The rest was done by my co-Visual FX artist, using the software he’s good at — needless to say, it was all proprietary software. :(

Anyway, enjoy!

I’d soon be releasing the modifications made on Quixie to support 1080p PNG-dumps. As well as experimental particle effects I did, hoping to have it included on the mini-movie above.


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