Kage Studio released?

Not really. :(

Was gonna clean-up my drive when I realized that the prototype-ish source code of Kage Studio hasn’t been committed, yet.

Didn’t have a working GTKMM-2.0/GCC on my Windows box so I have no idea what works and what does not in the code, so I simply committed the code last week.

Days past and I’m itching to see if I can compile the code, so I started setting-up a dev box. Fast forward, here it is! Got the code to compile under Windows 7 64-bit using GNU GCC-G++ and GTKMM-3.0!

Kage Studio v110823

Also did a fix about the flicker issue which made me stop the development of Kage Studio, back when I was not getting support from GTK+/Cairo developers.

Still won’t be releasing a working binary as the code is pretty bare; no added functionality was made since 5 years ago. It can only draw rectangles and export them in HTML5 or KonsolScript as shown in screenshot below; no animations just yet.

Kage Studio v110823

You can compile the code yourself by checking-out the code, assuming you have a working dev box with GNU GCC-G++ 5.3 and GTKMM-3.18.6.

Won’t commit any promises for now. Will blog post as the code progresses.