To provide a Cross-platform, Free and Open Source Game Development Platform.

KonsolScript Development Team believes that the unavailability of games on GNU/Linux desktops is one of the major concerns why people keep using unauthorized copies of proprietary OS over GNU/Linux, and that is something the KonsolScript Development Team is ought to address – we are doing our part to help promote GNU/Linux as a viable gaming platform for desktops both for Game Publishers and gamers.


  1. Design an easy-to-learn Game Scripting Language – ensure to use less symbols and more human-readable scripting language
  2. Develop a cross-platform Scripting/Game Engine – ensure that any game will execute on two or more operating system without re-writing.
  3. Design and develop Game Authoring Tools for Rapid Game Development – ensure that non-programming individuals can make their game without writing codes.


A Free Software and Open Source, scripting language primarily intended for 2D games development.


The whole Game Development Kit is suitable for teaching 2D game programming.

The end goal of this project is to have a “Flash“-like educational gaming platform for Windows, GNU/Linux, MacOS, including mobile platforms like Android and Symbian where any newbie can learn how to make his game/animation etc.

A lot of work has been made and a lot more is to be done. It might need to hire programmers to make an engine for Android, Symbian and MacOS, then some in-house testers for stability among these platforms.

If you want to give help please do so, check out the Give Support at Support page.

About the Mascot
Ki-si, a kissable ninja pig, is the official mascot of KAGE.

His name was derived from KS (short for KonsolScript). The name sounded like “kissy”, something like kissable, so we chose a pig for the character. He is dressed up as a ninja because of the word “KAGE”, which means “shadow” in Japan — usually represents ninja.

You will get to play Ki-si sometime. KonsolScript Development Team is currently developing a game where Ki-si is featured as one of the characters.