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Get Support

Need help? To learn about and use KAGE, participate in the forums and/or read FAQs and documentations.


Wiki – The most recent documentation is our wiki page. It contains most recent technical information about the project and the tools being developed. But note that the wiki alone is not complete. You can help us a lot by contributing to it.

Developer’s Documentation
– If you want to contribute to the engine, read the developer’s documentation.

User’s Manual – If you are making a KonsolScript game, read this to learn about the syntax of all classes and functions.

Technical Support

Forum – Ask questions and expect to get answer within the day.

IRC – Get instant answer on #konsolscript on FreeNode (you just have to be patient, though)

Frequently Asked Questions

KAGE FAQ – Here are some of the frequently asked questions.


Feature Request – Got something to request? Head over and post it.

Give Support

Yes, we also need your support. You can help us by blogging about KAGE and KonsolScript to free blogging websites. Report bugs to improve the software. If you are more than willing, please give small amount of donation.


Wiki – We’ve been trying hard to provide you the most recent information about KAGE. But we only have enough free time to do the development, and less with documentation. Your help will be invaluable.


Bug Report – Found a bug? Please report it here.

Buy Merchandise

Please help us fund the open source game Smack!, by purchasing Smack! Merchandise.

Bug Smack! Mugs – Enlighten your day with coffee and this cute little chibis from the game Smack!

Bug Smack! Shirt – Show everyone that you’re not someone to mess with.


Donate to KAGE – If you feel that this project is helpful, consider giving a donation.