Currently, the whole Game Development Kit is composed of 5 tools.

Engine – contains the game engine and KonsolScript interpreter in a monolithic executable binary. read more

Download Ki-si

  • Quixie (Krixware KonsolScript Engine) – cross-platform and much more stable engine. Runs on GNU/Linux and Windows.
  • FreeKE (Free KonsolScript Engine) – Old engine; still offered to support old games.

KonsolScript Editor – primary editor for KonsolScript. It is being written in VB6 but early versions work under GNU/Linux platform using WINE (WINE Is Not Emulator) — it was tested under Ubuntu GNU/Linux Distribution. read more

MapBuilder – a tool to make tile-based map. read more

EntityBuilder – creates an entity script for use in Map. read more

BMP2KS – takes a picture’s pixels and create a KonsolScript file that will recreate the picture. read more